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Full Forms of Technical Words 2017

Computer Related Full Forms

  • Full Form of CD - Compact Disc
  • Full Form of DVD - Digital Video Disc
  • Full Form of FM - Frequency Modulation
  • Full Form of GPRS - General Packet Radio Service
  • Full Form of USB - Universal Serial Bus
  • Full Form of WWW - World Wide Web
  • Full Form of HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
  • Full Form of HTML - Hypertext Mark Language
  • Full Form of LAN - Local Area Network
  • Full Form of SIM - Subscriber Identity Module
  • Full Form of GSM - Global System for Mobile Communications
  • Full Form of CDMA - Code Division Multiple Access
  • Full Form of TDMA - Time Division Multiple Access
  • Full Form of WLAN - Wireless Local Network
  • Full Form of SQL - Structured Query Language
  • Full Form of XSS/CSS - Cross Site Scripting
  • Full Form of LFI - Link Fragmentation and Interleaving
  • Full Form Of BNC Connector - Bayonet Neill–Concelman Connector
  • Full Form of RAID - Redundant Array Of Independent Disk
  • Full Form of OSPF - Open Shortest Path First
  • Full Form of RIP - Routing Information Protocol
  • Full Form of ICMP - Internet Control Message Protocol
  • Full Form of ACL - Access Control List
  • Full Form of IGRP - Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
  • Full Form of EIGRP - Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
  • Full Form of BGA - Border Gateway Protocol
  • Full Form of RJ-45 - Registered Jack
  • Full Form of RG 8 - Radio Guide Or Govern
  • Full Form of SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  • Full Form of TFTP - Trivial File Transfer Protocol
  • Full Form of MODEM - Modulation Demodulation
  • Full Form of PCB - Printed Circuit Board
  • Full Form of SMPS - Switch Mode Power Supply
  • Full Form of AGP - Accelerated Graphics Port
  • Full Form of PCI - Peripheral Component Interconnect
  • Full Form of PDF - Portable Document File
  • Full Form of MODEM - Modulation Demodulation
  • Full Form of SAM - Security Administration Mode
  • Full Form of ADSL - Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

Other Full Forms

  • Full Form of IIM - Indian Institute of Management
  • Full Form of IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • Full Form of AM - Ante Meridiem
  • Full Form of PM - Post Meridiem
  • Full Form of AD - AnnoDomini
  • Full Form of BC - Before Christ
  • Full Form of CAT - Common Aptitude Test
  • Full Form of XAT - Xavier Aptitude Test
  • Full Form of MAT - Management Aptitude Test
  • Full Form of UCAT - Undergraduate Common Aptitude Test
  • Full Form of SET - Symbiosis Entrance Test
  • Full Form of IIT - Indian Institute of Technology
  • Full Form of GMAT - Graduate Management Admission Test
  • Full Form of IELTS - International English Language Testing System
  • Full Form of NMAT - Narsee Monjee Aptitude Test
  • Full Form of TOEFL - Test Of English as a Foreign Language
  • Full Form of BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation
  • Full Form of FBI - Federal Bureau Investigation
  • Full Form of CBI - Central Bureau of Investigation
  • Full Form of HDFC - Housing Development Finance Corporation
  • Full Form of BHU - Banaras Hindu University
  • Full Form of NBFC - Non Banking Finance Company
  • Full Form of NABARD - National Bank For Agriculture & Rural Development
  • Full Form of FDI - Foreign Direct Investment
  • Full Form of PERT - Program Evaluation Review Technique
  • Full Form of ECG - ElectroCardioGram
  • Full Form of CSIR - Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
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  1. Hello Tripa,
    Your list is great! Nevertheless please correct the words Meridian to Meridiem in your second and third line.
    The well known plain meaning of the two ancient latin language expressions is "before noon" and "after noon".
    In the ancient latin form it was before and after "middleday" = MERIDIEM.. Whereas MERIDIAN though comes from the same ancient black hole, means "geographical longitude" (Look at: WIKIPEDIA).
    With regards, Gabor
    whereas "meridiem" means "middle of the day"

  2. Dear Anonymous I Read That On Wikipedia , Read Now It's Corrected .

  3. Hi Tripa,
    As I said before. You are great!