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Principles of Marketing 15th Edition 2014 by Philip Kotler

principles of marketing fifteenth edition
Principles of Marketing (15th Edition) is one of the best Modern Marketing books written by the 'Marketing Guru'Mr. Philip Kotler, the American marketing author, consultant, professor and much more.
He is the author of over 55 golden marketing books in the world. Some renowned books are 'Principles of Marketing', 'Kotler on Marketing' : How to Create, Win & Dominate Markets, and 'Marketing 3.0' : From Products to Customers to the Human Spirit, etc.

In the book 'Principles of Marketing'an another author has also been contributed by his precious knowledge and experiences is Mr. Gary Armstrong.

The topics discussed in Principles of Marketing book are:
  1. Defining Marketing and the Marketing Process
  2. Understanding the Marketplace and Consumers
  3. Designing a Customer-Driven Strategy and Mix
  4. Extending Marketing
These topics cover a broad area of the book. The book consist of 683+ Pages.
The book is embraced by attracting and scholarly pictures and it is especially recommended for students by IIM (Indian Institute of Management).

Download the pdf E-book from the available links below:

Download Link
( All Links are Working Now Enjoy!! )

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Google Blogger From Dummies by Susan Gunelius PDF Free Download

google blogger dummies "Google Blogger From Dummies"by Susan Gunelius is a must read book for Google Blogger newbies.

The e-book we are talking about here is essential book that a blogger or a new comer to blogging must read. It includes what is a blog, why made a blog, how to make a blog, how to edit and design your own blog in detail.
Blogger.com is owned by Google. It is the best platform for the people who wants to make a website or blog for free, that is extremely easy with blogger. It provides free templates to make your blog look good before the readers.

You can manually customize your template also from built-in tools or for nerds who know the languages like html, XHTML, XML, CSS, PHP, Java Script, etc. can customize with HTML Editor.

Download the e-book from the link provided below :

Download Ebook You May Also Like to Read : Jumping Into C++ by Alex Allain
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Learning Web Design by Jennifer Niederst Robbins (4th Edition) 2017

learning web design

Learning Web Design by Jennifer Niedearst Robbins is one of the best books that is published by O'reilly for the effective and creative learning of the students who are learning to create and design the html pages in the websites these days. It's really easy to design pages if you have a creative mind.

Websites consist of multiple number of supporting pages that work together in order to make a website run to provide the users a simple and user friendly user interface. All the supporting files are kept on a web server from which the data is fetched by the root page i.e. mostly named as index.html.

The Web has been around for more than 20 years now, It's every where in the world from Your PC to a Car's GPS System. The Web is all the way a communication medium, our day starts on web and ends with web, we do chat with people, we study, listen songs, we even sleep also after posting on web. It has found its way onto devices such as smart phones, tablets, TVs, and more. There have never been more opportunities to put web design know how to use.

It is fair to be a Web Designer and design websites yourself. You can also be a Freelancer to design web pages and make money from home. A freelancer is a person who does work at home and earn money.

To learn designing of different types of web pages you have to learn many languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, .NET, etc. and this eBook ' Learning Web Design (4th Edition) ' is best eBook for you to start with. You need this eBook if you are thinking about to make a good looking and world class websites.

Download this eBook from the links below:

Download eBook

You May Also Like : Jumping into C++ by Alex Allain PDF

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Jumping into C ++ By Alex Allain PDF Ebook

alex allain c++ Jumping into C++ is a best selling book by Alex Allain.

C++ is a powerful programming language that will provides one a strong grounding in modern programming techniques. C++ programmers have a flexible skill set, with the ability to work on many different projects.
It was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup starting in 1979 at Bell Labs, C++ was originally named C with Classes, adding enhancements to C, first adding classes, then virtual functions, operator overloading, multiple inheritance, templates and exception handling, alongside changes to the type system and other features. The language was renamed ' C++ ' in 1983.

Most of the applications and programs you use every day were written in this language. The indexing of the pages on the renowned search engine Google, is also written in C++ language.

Learn C++ language by this exclusive book which have sample codes as examples.

Download Jumping Into C ++ By Alex Allain ebook from the links below:

Download C++ E-book Alternate Link
Other Link

As per the owner contacted us, we've removed the free download links. Please buy the E-book from the links provided above.

Note: It is important to download the Sample code. All the examples and programs are available in this file.
Important:We request the users to buy the Ebook from this link. Buy Ebook & give your gratitude to Alex Allain. Thank You Sir!

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The Browser Hacker's Handbook PDF Ebook Download

Hacker's Handbook e-book The Browser Hacker's Handbook pdf e-book is available to download for free. This e-book will make you learn about complexities of various networks, how to secure the networks and at the same time it will tell you the vulnerabilities or weak points of the networks.

This e-book is written by a team of highly experienced cyber security experts, the handbook provides hands-on tutorials exploring a large range of currently occurring attack methods. Browser the gateway to the internet is one of the most vulnerable points of any internet accessible system.

The Browser Hacker's Handbook thoroughly covers complex security issues and explores relevant topics such as:

  • Bypassing the Same Origin Policy
  • ARP spoofing, social engineering, and phishing to access browsers
  • DNS tunneling, attacking web applications, and proxy—all from the browser
  • Exploiting the browser and its ecosystem (plugins and extensions)
  • Cross-origin attacks, including Inter-protocol Communication and Exploitation

Download The Browser Hacker's Handbook PDF Free Ebook:

Download Ebook Note: Read the E-book and give your feedback in comments. We really appreciate your comments to improve our content.
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CAT Solved Questions PDF download

    cat question
CAT (Common Aptitude Test) is an Entrance Exam for Admission in b-schools. The Goal of students is IIM (Indian Institute of Management) which is one of the top b-schools of India. CAT Paper Includes :- 
  • Quantitative Ability 
  • Verbal Ability 
  • Logical Reasoning
Download below the Ebook of CAT  Questions Solved . 

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