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Cisco Packet Tracer for Windows and Linux with all available Versions

cisco packet tracer 2020

Download Packet Tracer for Windows 7.2.1 and 7.2.0 from the links below:

Cisco Packet Tracer is the best and excessively used router simulating software, that let you simulate any type of network experimentally with plenty of network topology, protocols and different types of Routers, Switches, Firewalls, and many other types of Networking devices.

Update: CISCO Packet Tracer is available in more variants in the link below: More Variants

Cisco Packet Tracer 6.1.1 Added Three New Cisco Routers :

  • Cisco 1941 Integrated Service Router
  • Cisco 2901 Integrated Service Router
  • Cisco 2911 Integrated Service Router

Features Added in Cisco Packet Tracer 6.1.1

  • It Supports current LTS version of Ubuntu
  • CAB-HD8-ASYNC cable Added
  • IPv6 in IP Configuration
  • Terminal server for Routers Added
  • Added PC Firewall for IPv4 and IPv6
  • Supports Servers with 2 NICs
  • Added Circling tool
  • Improvements to Activity Wizard and Variable Manager
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Why Do I need an Architect ?

We are in the time where everything is moving towards digitization. Home building and architecture is also moving ahead to the future of home building where we can minimize the over-budgeting in the construction process and make a perfect dream home for yourself.

You can see your home before even making it in real, with the 3D views and Virtual Reality view. That helps in excellent and precise planning & designing of your Dream Home.

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A new sensation & revolution in home building with Virtual Reality Technology

Hello people, I've been busy these past days, so I am here with somethings revolutionary and exciting for you which is the use of Virtual Reality Technology in Home Building.

I came known to this company VR Homesinfra that is using VR Technology in real estate and in building homes in whole revolutionary way by making the technology available to normal people who in past were not accessible to it for planning their dream homes in a whole new way.

This company VR Homesinfra is making the technologies available to the people by reducing the over budgeting in construction by optimizing the process building homes to the content that everyone can now access it in a really affordable cost.

HomesInfra is offering these services to the customers with the whole construction responsibility:

  1. 3d Virtual Reality view
  2. 3d Architectural view
  3. 3d Rendering services
  4. Township Virtual Reality view
  5. Bungalow Virtual Rality view
  6. Villa Virtual Reality view

Virtual Reality View

What is Virtual Reality View ?

Before this you've heard that Virtual Reality is used for playing games and watching movies. But now this company has added building homes super easy and super high tech by bringing the future technology in India for the first time this affordable that an average person in India can use the Virtual Reality tech for planning his/her homes and commercial buildings with exterior design and with Interior Design.

HomesInfra brings a new sensation & revolution in home building with Virtual Reality Technology. With the technology you can create your home in the virtual reality and can see it like you are in the home with groundbreaking quality that you will thing it is real.
With the virtual interior design of your home you can easily select paintings, colors, placement of you favorite vase on the perfect spot. For the first time you don't have to break that false ceiling physically because you don't like it after building it, you can try infinite number of False ceiling/Dropped ceiling in the virtual reality view without breaking things that finally saves you time, money and gives you and your family the quality time that you should have.
For More Information please visit our Google Business page or Give Us a call at +91 8400000694
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Adobe all applications activator for 2019 updated download

adobe activator 2019

As you are on this page you know that Adobe has released its 2019 update this September. So it is the time to download the latest adobe application. You can download the latest adobe activator from this page below.

The later activator which users use to activate photoshop, illustrator, and other applications is expired now only when you update your application to the latest version. In other words, You can still use the old activator for the older versions of adobe photoshop , adobe illustrator, adobe premiere pro and other adobe applications.

The update came on these applications :

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Acrobat Distiller DC
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Media Encoder
  • Adobe Audition

Download the Latest Adobe Activator for 2019 applications from the links below below:

Download 2019 Activator Note:It can activate all versions till 2019 Update.

You can also download the activator for 2018 version below for free:

Download 2018 Activator nothing Note:It can activate all versions till 2018 Update.

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Convert Images in High Quality Vector Format in Lucknow

microtcs logo

We are a group of graphic designers at Triumphant Cyber Support in Lucknow who serve our clients with Unique and Creative Logos, Banners, Brochures, Business Cards, and many more. One of these services is toconvert low quality images in high quality vector format images in illustrator or .eps format.

We also serve our clients with Web Development services with Responsive and Clean web applications that are competent to the trend and work on all the future and current platforms seamlessly.

Note:Just Drop us a message we will instantly get in touch with you.

We have expertise in the following fields:


    1. Adobe Illustrator
    2. Adobe Photoshop
    3. Adobe Illustrator
    4. Adobe InDesign
    5. Adobe Acrobat
    6. Adobe After Effects
    7. Adobe Priemere

    1. Microsoft Office
    2. Remote Assitance
    3. Image Manipulation
    4. Logo Recreation
    5. PDF Manipulation
Thanks for Visiting US!
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Camtasia Studio 9 Download Full Version 2018

camtasia 9 download

Camtasia 9 is available for you to download with the 2018 Latest Update.

Camtasia 9 is a renouned and is a great video editor and video presentations maker. It comes with great tools adding the ease to use those tools. The video editor is provided to us by TechSmith. Anyone with no experience in video editing can make a decent slideshow or a presentation for themselves.

Download Camtasia 9 Full Version activation keys from the links below :

Download Activation Keys Download Setup

NOTE: The Links are Protected from screen-readers. Please Click Skip Ad after 5 Seconds.

Screenshot of Camtasia :
Camtasia Screenshot

Other TechSmith Software you may Check Below :

Snagit Relay

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Driver Booster 5 Pro Full Version Download ( 2018 )

IObit Driver Booster 5 pro is available for you all to download and take its advantages to make your PC work fast and smooth.

Driver Booster have capability of searching the driver which is exactly compatible with your device automatically. It is a one click solution for all your driver problems.

As in the previous post about Driver Booster 3 we stated that it's really a great drivers downloader.

How Driver Booster Works ?

  1. First, it collects all the data about you PC's installed drivers.
  2. Secondly, after collecting the data regarding installed drivers it searches for the information about the latest drivers on its servers.
  3. When the search is finished, it asks you for which drivers you want to download and update.
  4. As soon as you select the drivers to update, it downloads and update the drivers in your PC.
  5. Note: You make be asked to restart your PC, Please save all your work and before restarting.

Download IObit Driver Booster 5 Pro :

IObit Driver Booster Pro Features :

  • Automatically Scan & Identify Outdated, Missing & Faulty Drivers
  • Download and Update Outdated Drivers with One Click
  • Unlock Driver Update Speed Limit
  • Priority to Update More Outdated & Rare Drivers
  • Reduce System Freezes & Crashes for Better Performance
  • Auto Driver Download & Installation at System Idle Time
  • Automatically Backup All Drivers for Safe Restore
  • Priority to Update Game Components for Better Gaming
  • Automatically Update to the Latest Version

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Windows 10 Activator Re-loader by Rain Download

We've got a new Windows 10 Activator for you since the Microsoft Toolkit 6.3 stopped working for some windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2018 users. The new windows activator we are talking about is Re-loader by Rain (i.e. [email protected]), that will activate your copy of Windows 10 to a Genuine version.

Note: We have shared the Windows 10 Re-loader by Rain links below in this post, which are strictly for educational and informational purpose. We encourage people to buy genuine licence of Windows 10 from the official website of Microsoft.

Benefits of Activating Windows 10 to Genuine version :

  • You will get all the Security Updates by Microsoft for Windows 10 Operating System
  • Windows will not prompt for activating the Windows OS every time you restart system.
  • Get Solutions of problems related to from Microsoft.
  • All the work with their full featured potential.
  • You will be a responsible citizen of your country.

Windows 10 Activator Re-loader Download Links :

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Adobe all in one Activator Download ( amtEmu Latest )

amtEMU is an Adobe software patcher that activates any of the adobe's software ( i.e. Photoshop cc, Illustrator cc, InDesign cc, Acrobat cc, Dreamweaver cc, Premiere Pro cc, After Effects cc, etc.)

The Activator works with almost every adobe software and is very simple to activate. The time taken by the software is atmost 10 seconds.

We are providing a download link in the page below to let you download the Adobe all in one activator and use its all features.

Adobe All in one patch download Link :

Download Now

File Password:


List of Adobe Software it can Activate:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects, and many more.

Directions to use the Activator:

  1. First, Download the Activator from the links provided above.
  2. After downloading the activator, run the activator by Double Cliking it. (assuming that you have already installed the adobe application you wan to activate)
  3. When the patcher dialogue box opens, Select the Application from the list of adobe applications.
  4. As soon as you have selected the version and application, Click Patch.
  5. Sometimes it doesn't finds the amtlib file automatically, so it asks for the location of the file. Just go to the Adobe folder in the Program Files in C:\ Drive then find the folder of the adobe application e.g. Adobe Illustrator, Double Click the folder, select the amtlib.dll and select OPEN.
  6. As soon as you get the Successful message your application is activated.
Note:The Activator is only for the educational and informational purposes. If you are using the applications for commercial use please buy the liscence form the Official Website.
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Is BC(dot)VC is not paying its users ( Fraud or Not ? ) 2018

bc.vc fraud Most of the users who want to earn on internet start earning with shortening URLs with ADFLY, BC VC, and Link bucks. Update:Bc(dot)vc is now changed the payment method to Payoneer with the withdrawal limit of $50 according to sources. So it's a Good News, You can now use bc(dot)vc without any worries being cheated hence, Not Fraud! Tip: You can look for withdrawal less than the limit if necessary by contacting with the Support Team. They will give you a link which will add you in the Funding Sources list after going through the link. But now BC.VC is not paying to its users with paypal.

Yes! If you are using bc.vc and using its links you will not be getting paid by this website. Many users are asking me about this issue that bc.vc is not paying their earning to them hence considered as a fraud website.

Conclusion: You can use BC(Dot)VC and it's is now paying it's users with the payment method Payoneer.

Alternate URL Shortening Websites:

  1. Vivads
  2. Link Rex
  3. Kokemoon
  4. Ads fly
  5. Adbility
  6. We will keep updating new shorteners for you.

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