How to Install Laravel Herd in Mac ?

Before we tell you about installing Laravel Herd in Mac, first know something about Laravel Herd. Laravel Herd is a streamlined development environment for Laravel applications, providing a zero-configuration setup that's optimized for macOS. It aims to simplify the development process by offering a pre-configured environment tailored specifically for Laravel, eliminating the need for complex setup procedures.

Key features of Laravel Herd include:

  1. Zero-Configuration Setup: Laravel Herd provides a ready-to-use development environment without the need for manual configuration. It simplifies the process of getting started with Laravel by handling all the necessary dependencies and configurations.
  2. macOS Optimization: Designed specifically for macOS, Laravel Herd leverages native macOS capabilities to provide a seamless and efficient development experience.
  3. Built-In Tools: Laravel Herd comes with a suite of tools and services commonly used in Laravel development, such as PHP, MySQL, Redis, and more, ensuring developers have everything they need out of the box.
  4. Performance: By being optimized for macOS, Laravel Herd aims to offer superior performance compared to other development environments that might require more extensive configuration.
Laravel Herd is especially beneficial for developers looking for a quick and efficient way to start building Laravel applications without the hassle of setting up and maintaining a complex development environment.
Following are the steps to install Laravel Herd in Mac :
  1. Download Laravel Herd for Mac from this link Download Link
  2. Once downloaded, Extract ".DMG" file and Move it to Application folder ans you are good to go.

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