Which is the best PHP Framework for scalable Web Applications ?


In 2023 if we are asking the question about the best PHP Framework for scalable web Applications development the answer for that is pretty easy and straight forward.

Let's talk about a little about PHP frameworks before couple of years ago. Before some years, in the web development market their were no adequate PHP language frameworks which was full fledged and  has features to match the market. Let me list some features of a secure and scalable framework : 

  • Security
  • Web Template System
  • Caching
  • Database access, mapping, query building
  • URL mapping
  • AJAX
  • Testing
  • Performance
  • Routing
The PHP frameworks were lacking some features in terms of development, security, and scaling.
However, from past 2-3 years PHP frameworks have become pretty advanced and have those modern capabilities that match the industry standard.

As per my experience currently Laravel is the most advanced and capable PHP framework in the market.
It has really good community support and there is development tutorials on the Internet. The Laravel community is very active in updating the framework's capabilities and solving users issues.

Features the make Laravel the best PHP framework ?
  • Authentication
  • Innovative Template Engine
  • Effective ORM
  • MVC Architecture Support
  • Secure Migration System
  • Unique Unit-testing
  • Intact Security
  • Libraries and Modular
  • Artisan

Which is the popular tech stack that you can use with Laravel ?

You can use TALL Stack with Laravel. T - Tailwind CSS | A - AlpineJS | L - Livewire | L - Laravel.

Tailwind CSS is a popular CSS Framework, AlpineJS is a Javascript Library, Livewire is a full-stack framework for Laravel that makes building dynamic interfaces simple, without leaving the comfort of Laravel., Laravel is a web application framework written in PHP language.

Best Sources to learn Laravel :

  • https://laravel-news.com
  • https://laravel.com/docs

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