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How to Break Windows Password (Easily)

cmd net user
Breaking windows password of all versions of windows operating system can be done by simply entering few commands in the command prompt which is 100% working way. Windows XP, windows 8, windows 7, windows 10, and windows server passwords can be broken, cracked and changed with the help of commands we provides below.

Assumptions to be taken in changing the password of a windows PC:
  1. You have access to the PC.
  2. You must have administrative permissions to change the password.
  3. You know the basics of operating a computer.
Steps of breaking windows password are given below:
  1. In the victim's computer, open the command prompt.

    open command prompt
  2.  Once the command prompt is opened, type the commands given below:
    C:\> net user
    C:\> net user "victim's username" password
    Example :
    C:\> net user jhon 12345
    Where Jhon is the username and 12345 is the password.
  3. After typing the required commands press Enter, in order to run the command.
  4. The password is changed when you will get the "Password is changed successfully" prompt.
  5. Enjoy!!
Note : In order to remove the password to no password use this command
net user yourname *
and Press Enter.


  1. it works i tried this, Please Run Cmd With Admin Rights. For Windows 8=>Right Click on Left bottom corner click Command Prompt (Admin ) Then Try This . :)