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Download CISCO Packet Tracer 6.2 Latest Version Network Simulator

cisco packet tracer latest

Download Packet Tracer 6.2 from the links below :

Update: Packet Tracer 7.0has been released and is available for you to download => Get Packet Tracer 7.0 Here

Cisco Packet Tracer 6.2 the powerful network simulator by CISCO. The version released in the early June 2015. In addition, with the edition packet tracer 6.2 the CISCO Packet Tracer Mobile 2.0 was also launched for Android devices. In an android device you can also simulate networks with different devices introduced in this version (More detailed below).

It introduced some important bug fixes, support for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1, Windows 10 are also added but Windows XP and includes a new CISCO 819 router.

Packet Tracer 6.2 added some new features :

HTTP server (server device) :

  • CSS and Javascript support
  • FTP and HTTP linked file management support
  • External file import support inside Packet Tracer's HTTP server

Introduced Devices in the Version

  • Cisco 819 Integrated Service Router with wlan access point capability and 3G/4G connectivity
  • 3G/4G central office (CO) server with coaxial connectivity with up to 8 cell towers
  • 3G/4G telephony cell tower
  • Wired sniffer with repeater functionality
For More Information About Packet Tracer Network Simulator Visit Here.

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