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Showing posts with label Save Earth. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Save Earth. Show all posts
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I'm just a simple boy, a human I'd like you to save Earth Please!

Almost everyone is the world now running as I am now, yes I'm doing a Job now. No Sleeping late, no day dreaming, No Thinking about the world ,the mother earth, & no thinking about changing the world. Just working, Eating, a little gaming, & Sleeping with waking up on time. :)
May be a perfect day according to most of the people and my parents. Everybody is deriving my some forces like Money, getting a beautiful girl, Getting an Expensive Car despite of how much fuel it burns to give them a boost of short term lasting dopamine.

If you stop for a minute and think about 5 minutes instead of money & sex you'll listen a little thing that's telling you that we all are going in the wrong direction. You know the problems that are unseen by everyone also by the Governments.

Don't we just eating earth, using its resources till the resources end ? Yes we are and these are Businesses.

Typically, the Infrastructure, Business, GDP define the condition of a Country. So the country that uses its resources most and sells it will be the more economically strong country. So ? We are fighting for the economies to grow and using mother earth's resources without giving it nothing. What will we do after it runs off of resources ?

You know the answer, We will start snatching from each other. Leads to Wars! :) Good Luck.
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