How to skip ads on adfly,, short.est, linkbucks, etc sites ? [ Step by Step Solution ] The things we are going to talk about are the short links that are provided on the websites to reduce the size of the URLs with the short one's. In some cases these links pays the users by CPM ( Click Per Mille ).

So when the user clicks a shortened link it shows a page with an advertisement which is can be skipped easily just by waiting for 5 seconds and click the Skip Ad button on the top right corner. The links which are used in the websites are genuine and working. However, the websites earn money by showing the ads to the visitors for their content.

The Websites that provide these services are given below:
  1. ADF.LY
  3. Link Shrink

The Steps to skip advertisements on, short.est, are as follows:

  1. In order to learn, click the link below. |
  2. Once you click the link you are redirected to a page.
  3. Wait for only 5 seconds. as in the respected image.
link shrink

     4. Click Continue.

link shrink bypass

     5. You will be redirected to your link and the content.

Note: We Ensure that all links provided on this Website are Legitimate and will always be, for your comfort.
adf refer


  1. Thanks Sir It Worked :D !!

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  3. its nt working on my phone

    1. Please explain the problem in detail so that we can solve it.


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