What are Hashtags in Facebook ?

Hashtags in the Facebook are introduced for users to create their own tags by which anyone can access their activities on facebook in just one click, from where they entered that hashtags.

Its working is like if anyone creates a hashtag and puts it in all their Status posts or Comments , then any authorised user can access their all posts just by clicking on that particular hashtag.

Not only in Status posts but you can use it in your comments also.

Follow below steps to create a hashtag:

  1. Create a new Status or comment.
  2. Let assume your hashtag is "demo", insert "#Demo" without quotes in your post or comment.
    hashtag in facebook
  3. After posting click the Hashtag, you'll get all your posts and comments on your display screen.
NOTE: While using Hashtags, be assure that the you entered same hashtag all over the posts and comments.

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