How to Upload All My Photos Automatically to Internet in Android Phone ?

Uploading all your photos automatically to the internet or cloud can be done by many Android apps. The technology used this to happen is Cloud Technology. Cloud is a virtual space on the Internet that allows you to save all your Files & Folders, Photos, Videos, Documents, and Information on that virtual space in order to secure your files and allow you to access them anytime anywhere even if you deleted your files from your mobile device, all the data that is on cloud will recovered by synchronizing it with your android device.

In order to save & secure your data on cloud, select the application which is most appropriate for your need according to the type of files however, some service providers support all types of file formats.

As per this post there are many apps out-there however the the recommended Android app for the photos and videos is Google Photos. It helps you to synchronize all your photos and videos to the dedicated cloud server automatically after turning On the Back up & Sync feature in the app.

In order to enable the Cloud feature in the Photos app follow these easy steps provided below.

Steps of how to upload all your photos automatically to internet in android phone are given below :

  1. Download & Install Google Photos app from Play Store.
    • Open Play Store App in your android phone.
    • Once opened, search Google Photos from the search box at the top of the screen.
    • From the apps list, tap the Google Photos App in order to select it.
    • On the photos app page tap on the green Install button and wait for the app to install successfully in the device.
  2. Once the Google Photos app is installed, Open the app from the apps list.
  3. In the app interface you'll find the device photos.
  4. Right Swipe the screen in order to unveil app options.
  5. Once you see the list of options, tap the Settings option.
  6. In the Settings interface tap the Back up & sync option present on the top of the interface.
  7. Inside the Back up & sync interface, tap the Back up & sync button to enable the backup & synchronization in your device.
  8. After enabling the Back up & sync setting, select the google account or login with your gmail id.
  9. Once all the steps are done correctly the backup process will now start successfully.
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