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Pubg Android Emulator Download and reported issues (Latest Updated 2021)

GameLoop logo GameLoop

GameLoop is an Android Emulator made specifically for playing Android Games like Pubg, Call of Duty, Among Us, and many more.

Although it has many issues going on like game freeze, random crashes, etc., it works really well for playing Pubg Mobile. The Emulator is basically made for Pubg Mobile only, but you can play any Android game on it.

Download the GameLoop Pubg Mobile Emulator from the links below:

Download GameLoop Note:Download the English Language Version on the download page.

Latest Issues and needed improvements in GameLoop Emulator :

  1. Issue with Update button, it doesn't work most of the time, users use to click it many times to get the update dialogue open.
  2. Random Game Freezes
  3. Game crashes sometimes on some users.
  4. Bad Settings User Experience, there should be Tooltips to brief the settings options.
  5. After having high end PC, the game still lags.
  6. This is related to the previous point that Frame Drops are very much when there are many players around in the game.

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