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Winrar 5.50 Latest Version Download 2017

You are here to download the Latest setup of one of the Best and Lightest zipping program Winrar, which is the product of the company rarlabs.

Winrar can open almost all types of zipping and comressed file formats as fasr as I know. [ like .CAB, .ARJ, .LZH, .TAR, .GZ, .TAR, .GZ, .BZ2, .TAR, .BZ2, .ACE, .UUE, .JAR (Java Archive), .ISO (ISO9660 - CD image), .7Z, .XZ, .Z (Unix compress). ]. As our team realised that rarlab.com servers's respond time is not good and sometimes the setup can't be downloded from the website quickly. So we decided to make a post to solve the issue for our loved readers. In the page below we have provided the download links for the setup of winrar 5.50 [Latest Verison].

New Features in the latest Winrar 5.50 version :

  • Windows 10 Themes
  • Speed Improvements in Compression
  • RAR5 version rar files is supported in the newer versions.
  • Improved User Interface

Download the Winrar 5.50 setup from the link below:

File Size: 1.9 MB Download Winrar 5.50 Read :For any query please comment below and let us know your thoughts about the post.
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Can We Add Multiple Accounts in Gmail App in Android Phone ?

The answer for the above asked question that if you can add multiple accounts in the Gmail app in Android OS is, Yes! Yes, you can add as many accounts as you like to add in the Gmail app in your android mobile phone just by following these simple steps below, just a few scrolls away from you.
Read the steps while following them on your android device which will make the process easy for you.

Steps to add Multiple Accounts in the Gmail app in android phone :

  1. Firstly, install the gmail app from the Play Store. (if already installed skip to the Step 2)
  2. Once installed, launch the Gmail app from the app menu in the android phone.
  3. Once the app is launched, Swipe Right from the left pane of the displayed screen or you can tap the three lines icon present on the left-corner of the screen.
  4. While swiping the pane you wilk see various options. On the displayed screen, Tap your email address or name of the currently logged-in gmail account.
  5. By tapping the email address a page opened with an option + Add account. Tap + Add account option from the list.
  6. After selecting + Add account, a screen opened with title Set up email.
  7. From the list tap one of the options (select Google for adding GMAIL address -- [email protected]) to choose the registered email company of which you want to add your account.
  8. Provide and Fill the required information of the new email account and complete the process. And the once added the mails looks alike the image below, which has three accounts connected.
  9. The Process is now Completed. Repeat the process for adding more email accounts.
  10. NOTE : By following the same process you can add as many accounts as you like in the Gmail app in your android mobile phone or tablet.

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AMP Project page : we've made which is a Mobile First Designed webpage.

amp image Amp Project is a project that is introduced by google to help the people with making of responsive websites (like Bootstrap) as well as to provide the users a boost in the page loading time of the websites on any device. It does the speedup process with the help of caching of the pages and provide the content by using the existing cache to the users, which not only speedup the loading time but also saves the data used to open the page at the same time.

Page Source NOTE: Adjust the page width by dragging you'll see how the page changes its contents.
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Accessing blocked Torrent websites illustrated

Their are many ways you can get access to various famous torrent sites like extratorrent, kickass, piratebay, and many more. As soon as you will read the post further you will know what are torrents and why are the torrents providing websites banned by the ISPs (Internet Service Provider) in the current scenario.

What are Torrents ?

Torrents were initially introduced to download or transfer large size of files between the users safely without errors. Torrent files are small files with the information about the large files the user is willing to download and their location on the specified network, it can be LAN, WAN, or Internet. The problem starts when the torrent websites start sharing pirated content, and also hosting the the torrent files that make the owner of the websites culprit of hosting copyrighted content on their servers.

Why are the torrent sites banned?

The reason behind the banning of torrent sites by the ISPs is that they are providing and sharing copyrighted content like movies, music albums, software, games, and many more. The torrent websites are banned in many countries as per their law. In some countries some sites are banned in some they are not.

How to Access Blocked Torrent Websites ?

ISPs block the URL of the torrent sites in initial cases which is really easy to visit. The ISPs can block the website's URL by following ways :
  • By DNS
  • They disallow allow the domain name resolves to the particular URLs, which is pretty easy to access just by adding https:// before the URL of the site.
  • By a Latest Method
  • ISPs are using this new method to block the torrent site hardly and showing a warning page instead. This method also have a solution to break in.

The ways to access torrent sites are specified below :

  1. Add https:// before the website's URL or domain name. Like in the image below.
  2. Use a proxy site to visit the torrent website. Example- https://hide.me/en/proxy
  3. Use Tor Browser and visit any website 100% anonymously. Read more here

Important Link: For more Free VPNs Visit this Page
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How to Upload All My Photos Automatically to Internet in Android Phone ?

Uploading all your photos automatically to the internet or cloud can be done by many Android apps. The technology used this to happen is Cloud Technology. Cloud is a virtual space on the Internet that allows you to save all your Files & Folders, Photos, Videos, Documents, and Information on that virtual space in order to secure your files and allow you to access them anytime anywhere even if you deleted your files from your mobile device, all the data that is on cloud will recovered by synchronizing it with your android device.

In order to save & secure your data on cloud, select the application which is most appropriate for your need according to the type of files however, some service providers support all types of file formats.

As per this post there are many apps out-there however the the recommended Android app for the photos and videos is Google Photos. It helps you to synchronize all your photos and videos to the dedicated cloud server automatically after turning On the Back up & Sync feature in the app.

In order to enable the Cloud feature in the Photos app follow these easy steps provided below.

Steps of how to upload all your photos automatically to internet in android phone are given below :

  1. Download & Install Google Photos app from Play Store.
    • Open Play Store App in your android phone.
    • Once opened, search Google Photos from the search box at the top of the screen.
    • From the apps list, tap the Google Photos App in order to select it.
    • On the photos app page tap on the green Install button and wait for the app to install successfully in the device.
  2. Once the Google Photos app is installed, Open the app from the apps list.
  3. In the app interface you'll find the device photos.
  4. Right Swipe the screen in order to unveil app options.
  5. Once you see the list of options, tap the Settings option.
  6. In the Settings interface tap the Back up & sync option present on the top of the interface.
  7. Inside the Back up & sync interface, tap the Back up & sync button to enable the backup & synchronization in your device.
  8. After enabling the Back up & sync setting, select the google account or login with your gmail id.
  9. Once all the steps are done correctly the backup process will now start successfully.
NOTE: Please Click the Images to Enlarge them.
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Open Any Website and Webpage Faster than Ever With Google Web Light

google web light
Google Web Light provides Indian users a surprisingly helpful service that redirects users with slow connection speed to the googleweblight.in website and opens the requested page through googleweblight.in.

If you want to use the service manually for your personal use you can access the website and use the service for free.

Google Web Light Technology saves you internet data 80 % Less than normal data usage by your browser.

You have two most important reasons to use Google Web Light:
  1. High Internet Speed.
  2. Best Data Saving Capacity.
  3. Gives Boost to loading webpages.
  4. Webpage loads super-fast.

Follow the steps below to open your webpages super fast :
  1. Open the Google Web Light website. click here
  2. In the Enter Website Address field copy and paste your webpage's url you want to open fast.
  3. Click the Go button.
  4. Done!!
  5. Enjoy super-fast speed.
Boost Webpage speed, boost internet speed, speedup my internet
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How to Activate Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 and 2013 with Microsoft Toolkit ? [ Updated March 2018 ]

activate windows

Microsoft Office 365, Office 2016, and lower versions' can be activated from the activators we provide here in the page below and anyone can download them from the links provided for zero cost (free).

Specifically and legitimately the office can be activated through the key provided with the Microsoft Office pack when you buy from any store of Microsoft.

Latest Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 Download here :

Download Here Download Link 2 Important :

If Microsoft Toolkit is not working for you, please download the new activator below!

Download this New Activator Working 100% :

However, there is also another option available to activate MS Office through Microsoft Toolkit or Office Activator. It activates Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and office 365 as well as your Windows operating System (i.e. Windows 10, Windows 8.1 , Windows 7, Windows XP) installed on your PC.

The activation method that is used to activate the application is KMS ( Key Management System). KMS activation is a valid activation method that activates the application for approximately 4 months and repeats this process again in background automatically, this makes a loop of activating and this makes your MS Office Edition and Windows OS Lifetime working.

Directions to the Activator

Here are the steps to activate Microsoft Window and Office 2007, 2010, 2013 with Microsoft Toolkit :

  1. Download the Toolkit from the above displayed link.
  2. Launch the Microsoft Toolkit.exe executable file.

    microsoft toolkit 2.6
  3. Select one of the two icons, Windows or Office given immediately left to the Settings button and move to next step.
  4. Once the file opened, click the Activation tab to enter the activation menu.

    microsoft toolkit 2.6
  5. On the Activation menu, Click Ez Activation available button to check for possible activation method.

    microsoft toolkit 2.6
  6. After a while, you will receive an successful activation message on the black screen.

    microsoft toolkit 2.6
Note :For any queries and any type of problems in activating, please comment below or Contact Us Here.
adf.ly Register
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WINDOWS 10: Now Ready To Add A New Feather in Microsoft's cap 2018

windows 10

Download the Latest versions of Windows 10 from the Microsoft's official website with the link below :

Official Download Link

Download Windows 10 Torrents and Activators from this link :

Download Torrents Here Download Latest Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 or Windows 10 activator here :

The latest known version is build 10240, and according to announcements of 29th of July it includes the professional, Enterprise, RTM, MSDN, etc which host lots of new features -- including Microsoft's virtual assistant and Cortana.

windows 10 cortanaCortana's presence on the Desktop:

It'll be the first time we'll have the virtual assistant on a PC, and it is the future replacement of the search function. You'll be able to type or speak to search for files, set reminders, or just ask questions -- Cortana will itself learn about you and what you like, and will offer better recommendations the more you use it.

New Photos App:

It will display all of the photos stored locally on your PC and on OneDrive, and will auto-enhance your images to correct things like blown out highlights.

Full Xbox Live to Windows 10:

You'll be able to chat with your friends, check out achievements and look at game clips people have recorded. So be ready to avail new technologies and excitement in Windows 10.

NOTE: We suggest you to use these new releases of windows 10 on virtual machine only for safety of your PC because these are in test mode yet.

New Update :

On 29th July in San Francisco, Microsoft released the latest version of Windows OS. The Latest Version released is Windows 10 build 10240 and it is also available to download an iso from the official website of Microsoft.
Microsoft's executive VP of operating systems, Terry Myerson said "There will be one way to write a universal application, one store, one way for apps to be discovered purchased and updated across all of these devices".

Features Of Windows 10 Professional:
  • The new hybrid Start Menu will work as a bridge for the Metro-style apps which can now operate inside their own windows in Desktop/Laptop mode.
  • Multiple-desktop feature that lets users easily grab objects from one desktop and transfer it to another.
  • Now officially available for download with integrated activation keys from the links given below and the final Windows 10 version is to be launched on 2015.

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Tekken 3 Game Download Free

tekken 3 logo

Tekken 3 for Computer on Windows 10 Operating system can be installed without compatibility issues. We have provided the download links below in the page, you can download the game which is of very little in size from the provided links.

Tekken 3 is an arcade fighting game which is famous in the world like street fighters. Although many of the fighters in the Street Fighters game are taken from the Tekken 3 game.

The game can be played in both Play Station and your personal computer.

The list of all the characters in the Tekken 3 game :

  1. Anna Williams
  2. Heihachi Mishima
  3. Gun Jack
  4. King
  5. Kuma
  6. Yoshimitsu
  7. Lee Chaolan
  8. Marshell Law
  9. Nina Williams
  10. Paul Phoenix
  11. Bryan Fury
  12. Crow
  13. Dr. Bosconovitch
  14. Eddy Gordo/Tiger Jackson
  15. Forest Law
  16. Gon
  17. Hwoarang
  18. Jin Kazama/Devil Jin
  19. Julia Chang/Jaycee
  20. Ling Xiaoyu
  21. Mokujin/Tetsujin/Kinjin
  22. Ogre/True Ogre
  23. Panda

Download the Tekken 3 game for window pc from the links below:

Download Tekken 3

File Size- 24 MB

Tags: download, download tekken 3, download taken 3, tekken 3 characters, tekken 3 cheat codes, tekken 3 cheats
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